Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conf: 172: Sushi & Marian Keyes

No. of phone calls from BBC: 1
No. of e-mails from BBC: 1
No. of submissions sent to agent: 1

A ha, so received the call as to why I wasn't called for interview for my old job. A young girl explained there was a very large response to the ad, and the reasons I wasn't shortlisted were:

a) I hadn't done any drama reconstruction (true, but a bit of an obscure, specialist skill in amongst all the documentary, studio and music prog. requirements)

b) I hadn't enough experience in programme budgeting (NOT true I growled to poor girl, I've managed £1 million budgets single-handedly, done all forecasting, running costs, final reports etc).

Couldn't be bothered to argue corner, not her fault etc etc, so off she went a quivering.

Then I got this:

Dear Amanda,

there has been a substantial backlog of email requests to action so apologies that we haven't got back to you in good time. This matter has been passed on and i believe you have now been contacted by AV. In future if you require immediate assistance or your query is time sensitive please use our phoneline, the number is below.


Recruitment Response Team
BBC Recruitment

Which manages to be slightly snooty and irritatingly illiterate at the same time. I could have replied and said that if you phone you get told to e-mail and around and around it goes but then he would have replied in 8 days' time saying 'i believe you sent a query relating to the query which should have been..... Heaven help the poor people who have to work through this kind of stuff day to day, I'd rather stick to my freelance pootling.

Was only after the phone call that I realised the most likely reason for not getting an interview. No degree! My old chestnut. The thing that stopped all progress before. Now that everyone goes to university, the first filter is to cut out all the thickos who didn't go to ewe-knee. It's a fact that when I was at school, girls weren't encouraged to go into further education, university was for the really swotty bright ones. This all changed shortly after I left, so by the time people 10 years younger were at school it wasn't a problem any more. No good telling them that though, just flags up how ancient you are. Telly friends at dinner last night suggested faking a degree for CV in future, as nobody checks. It's either lying through teeth or accepting defeat. Made sushi for our friends, a bit scary but actually dead simple. We're lucky to have a good fishmongers in Twickenham. They even slice the tuna for you so all you have to do is make some rice blobs and glue fish on top with bit of wasabi.

Marian Keyes on start the week this morning. Excellent discussion with rest of panel discovering what a brilliant author she is. And lovely interview with the dalai lama in the Telegraph on Saturday.

"What shall we talk about today?" he asks, rubbing his hands together as I tell him about my meetings with Tsering and Heidi. He chooses to discuss the West before Tibet. "It is fascinating," he says, speaking in slightly stilted English. "In the West, you have bigger homes, yet smaller families; you have endless conveniences - yet you never seem to have any time. You can travel anywhere in the world, yet you don't bother to cross the road to meet your neighbours; you have more food than you could possibly eat, yet that makes women like (fat) Heidi miserable."

It's the school holidays and am now being pestered to play MakeyourownOpoly.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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