Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Conf 173: Work work

No. of new rejections: 1

Dear Amanda,

Many thanks indeed for your letter regarding your novel FF.

I’m terribly sorry but as an already very busy agency we need to be extremely highly selective with new writers. We’re a bit buried under submissions at the moment I’m afraid, but do send in a sample in a few month’s time if you haven’t secured representation in the meantime.

With best wishes


I'd forgotten even writing to that one, so long ago. Kind of her to eventually respond, though. As this is J K Rowling's agent, unsurprising they're inundated.

Our writing group on Monday was at L's. After years of hard slog, her first novel Gideon The Cutpurse was picked up by the super-agent Caradoc King and then bought by Simon & Schuster last autumn. But we weren't too surprised, it really is a fantastic time travel adventure, as the publishers' blurb says, lead character a cross between Dr Who & Gandalf. We're all getting very excited about its forthcoming birth into the real world in a few weeks' time. The best thing about getting a good deal is you get the marketing and publicity budget to go with it.

I've been working on scripts about slobs who drink too much. Complete with hassly phone calls from agency this morning asking how long I was going to be. But it's WORK! and I'm very grateful for it too. Translated my earnings into Euros this afternoon, ready for hols next week.

As have stayed away from novel writing for nearly a week now, am determined to clear the decks before I return to the slog. For a change of scene, might enter this travel writing competition, fantasy job no. 1 after novelist.

If anyone feels like donating to a worthy cause, my friend Sarah, a true original as always, has got a slipped disc & is selling her pain on e-bay.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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