Saturday, April 08, 2006

Conf 174: Contrasts and Twists

No. of new rejections: 0

Time away from novel proving constructive on a bigger picture level. The first half is far too densely wham bam one after the other, needs more narrative contrast, the second half too predictable. Graham Greene said one of the most important elements in a story is contrast. And we all know about twists. Instead of having her decide where to go, and then going there, will have her decide to go somewhere else. OK, more of a feeble turn than a twist, but it's a start. Really need to go through the whole thing now, looking at each decision taken and see if it can be played with more.

All quiet on the rejection front. Glad to see The Guardian have used one of my pieces today, name in print could add a tiny bit of weight to applications. The US Family Circle interview due out this month, too, which is last month now, the way magazines work. Journalist said he'd send me copy but know he won't so partner has ordered from one of those international newsagents.

Whoop, cider & crepes here we come. Haven't bought any books for hols, but have a few library books, will take the Steinbeck & Julia Cameron, & the Darcey Bussell pilates DVD. If I COULD breeze into bookstores and buy buy buy, I'd definitely get Salley Vickers new one.

Bye bye, thanks very much for visiting. Hope to 'See' you in a week's time or thereabouts.

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