Sunday, April 16, 2006

Conf 175: In Box Grumps

No. of e-mails in In Box: 23
No. of e-mails from agents: 0

Back from hols, we had a great time. Speedferries sent us off in style with the best Channel crossing deal going. We got upgraded too, which always excites me probably more than it healthily should.

Very much enjoyed the Steinbeck book about his beachcombing journey with Ed Ricketts. Didn't get time to read anything else, dipped into the Cameron and McKee. The Bayeux Tapestry was so much more fun and interesting than I thought it'd be. Maybe the boozy lunch beforehand helped, but found myself laughing out loud at frequent intervals. It's massive, as everyone knows I guess, but didn't realise quite how big. The running commentary phone thingy cleverly keeps you going at a fair trot, a run, even, which is just as well or I'd still be there. It also adds to the impact of flow and movement and llth Century Simpsons episode feeling. We also visited some lovely Brittany beaches. Apart from the blockbusters like the tapestry, Fort La Latte is my favourite kind of French tourist site. No crowds, no bossy 'Keep Off' signs, you're just left to explore & imagine & tumble down cliffs and wells if you're not careful.

Back home, finally got on computer after daughter had made breathing contact again with her MSN mates. Must try and stay away from all businessy sides of writing and stick to the words and words only. This is the final term of giving the writing as best a shot as I can give it. The script work isn't regular enough to keep the happy balance, so, come September will have to take any job going, even if it is on the stacking shelves/mini-cabbing level.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Jacqui Lofthouse said...

Yes, delist yourself immediately! She sounds horrible. I have read your book too and it is moving, funny, witty and clever. Definitely a good move to focus on the words; looking forward to talking Julia C with you when the time is right...