Friday, April 28, 2006

Conf 182: Snick Factors

No. of royalty statements in post: 1
No. of lbs lost this week: 2

"A great deal of the satisfaction of reading fiction comes from the gradual or piecemeal revelation of patterns in the relationships between characters and actions in the book. ....there are pathways and junctions in your writing. The connections are your business as a writer. As you play with the toy, you feel some pieces slot into place with an encouraging snap. As you write, some ideas give you the same instant recognition of being ‘right’. As you revise your work, you try to achieve what the carpenter calls the ‘snick factor’ – the satisfying engagement of the lock as a well-hung door is pulled shut."

From Advice to Writers, by Kate Mosse .

Hooray, A4 envelope in letterbox from first agent. Have the Russians finally printed? Could this be 2 shiny new covers with different graphics and funny squiggly writing? No, no, another delightful royalty statement, bringing all those Amazon rankings home to roost. In the last 6 months Novel 1, published in 2003, sold 93 copies, earning me £15.72. Novel 2 (2004) managed minus 121! Upping my unearned debt to publishers another -£16.56! Thank heavens for library PLR figures, not to mention hard cash, keeping the ego faintly afloat.

Also got holiday photos back today, including some old ones on the reel from last summer. And there's me, looking the largest I've ever seen myself, Ever. Completely chinless, round and fat. 2 days ago embarked on Scarsdale Diet. Promise I won't mention it again, but, blimey, just as well!

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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