Saturday, May 06, 2006

Conf 185: Lilac Time

Wordcount: 1,500

1,500 words in a week. Not good. Too many distractions:

May Monday was a Bank Holiday. After a busy weekend we did nothing but go out for a pizza in the afternoon, a very noisy pizza, which reminded us how wise it is to stay home on bank holidays. We talked about my next book idea, a children's fantasy. Good input from partner and daughter had me scribbling notes on bus tickets and restaurant visiting cards.

May The weather has been sensational this week. Have ditched the pilates DVD and instead am cycling to the island first thing before breakfast. It's so beautiful, feels like being in a permanent Rupert Brooke poem. I'm usually the only person there, too, which adds to the joy of it all. This morning was in a full-blown nature programme as I tracked mysterious, loud, deep-throat quacks coming from the ponds and streams. Thought they were ducks at it, well-hidden ducks, but a big splash in the centre of a pond I approached too noisily told me otherwise. Quacking fish?? I lurked until the answer revealed itself. Frogs. Dozens of frogs calling to each other. I want to be outside every day, all the time. I want to live in a tent in the woods. Wish I could take my files in a rucksack and be there all day, but it doesn't work. Have tried sitting in garden and working on structure ,then rushing inside and typing it on computer, and rushing outside again for the next bit, but, as the wordcount shows, this isn't really a very satisfactory way of getting on.

Blog Not really so, though, as I haven't even done much of that (this) this week.

Pedicure Valentine's Day beauty voucher was only valid for 3 months, so had to get some pampering in. Was saving it until I felt I deserved it on the wordcount front, but just shows that in 3 months I never reached that happy state. Have never had a manicure in my life and this was my first ever pedicure. It was OK - I was so engrossed in the Heat and Elle magazines I forgot to notice what was happening down at the toes end of things.

Work Was going to write today, but last night an e-mail came in from The Guardian. Three more pieces to do, good, better than that script malarky, but this is now what I'm doing today, leaving NEXT week clear to make some sustained progress.

Coffee and Chocolate Coffee and a fine selection of mini-Crunchies, Twix and Cadbury's Dairy Milk with writer friend on Friday. We are both at about 60,000 words and have decided to swap manuscripts, which led to conversation along lines of

'AK, you must accept, though, that my first drafts are terrible'
'not as terrible as mine'
'wanna BET?'

I know I'll win that one though.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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