Friday, May 12, 2006

Conf 188: Puffed Wheat

No. of words: 10,452
No. of e-mails from magazine ed: 1

Thankfully out of the firstthreechapters mud of it all. Need to do a time chart now. Count how many days I have until the end of term and work out a schedule. It's swamping at the moment. Can't do anything else, other than work work. Doesn't feel good stopping for lunch, not working in evenings, weekends etc. If I get my targets sorted can measure it out.

Got the 3 Guardian pieces done and sent. And a lovely In-Box moment afterwards:

perfect, all three.

you are a star

Did some research on new story last night, got my G&T ice and slice ready for 6pm sundowner in the garden (feeling horrible guilt as above, but what the hell) but had to come inside again. Hoodies playing rugger on the ('No Ball Games') meadow. Or more like football with a rugger ball, am not sure, but this is Twickenham. Ball kept on bashing into our garden fence, and, on the other side, the Miserable Neighbours were at full throttle, 3 kids arguing, screaming and crying. Stayed inside, worried the ball wld come over followed by the boys, they wouldn't hesitate to climb in. Then if I went out and yelled at them would be sitting target.

Unusually fruitful Google of self today brought up, after years of nothing, SIX new releases of novel 1 on Bookcrossing. Had quite forgotten how strange it is reading about people reading my stuff. Even some tiny reviews, one gave it 5/10, skipping on brisquely (but at least they didn't elaborate on the reasons) - another 7/10 'very readable' 'entertaining light summer reading for those days on the beach' and another 8/10 'very easy read but a very annoying mistake near the end. The host of Countdown is not Richard Madeley but Richard Whiteley (I never watched it but even I know that!)'. Am fan of both Countdown and Richard & Judy, must have proof read that passage a dozen times, too.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Kate said...

Bang goes your chance of being on the Richard and Judy bookshop then, Amanda!

Oh, and thanks for the plug for Brown Owl...