Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Conf 193: Cup of Tea Time

No. of words, final draft: 33,145
= No. of words total: 71,407

13.00 & have reached the end of Act 1. The location shifts now, and onto a new document with the less-written stuff tomorrow, euff. But will leave it there for the day and move onto some new ideas writing this afternoon.

Workshop last night, here at mine, so I cleared clutter, polished the loo and cracked the wine and twiglets. Daughter and partner vanished upstairs with DVD player and a Harry Potter movie. Heard 2 novels in progress and we all acted out a radio play. I read work-in-progress outline of the children's story. General nods of approval and some ideas in the feedback. It's way off the wall, though, and am taking their advice to develop it further before sending out, as much as I'm keen to get a reaction, MUST resist this urge to send stuff out too soon.

Amazed to see last week's Independent edited by Bono already being flogged on e-bay for a buy it now of £10. I enjoyed the Eddie Izzard interview, but the best bit of all for me was Deborah Ross's front row take on it all.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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skint writer said...

hi Amanda, thanks for the link, glad you did otherwise I might not have found your blog