Saturday, June 10, 2006

Conf 201: How To Sell Your Novel Part II

No. of words: same

Dilemma: work on novel, swim or watch football?

Fully intended getting back to novel today after work work took up all of the Tues-Fri, like it does. However, found myself weakening on way back from dropping daughter off at her old school fair. It's a gorgeous day, the trees in full rustle & just made for lazing about with the papers and a long lazy breakfast before joining in the England madness. The first game's at 2pm. On way back dropped by in Tesco to get beer and guacamole. I have to have guacamole if I watch football, don't really know why. Probably because first ever match I enjoyed, and I only ever watch these big ones, was babysitting for friends who left me big pot of it and some doritos. So, the guacamole having spoken & chilling nicely in the fridge, will have to work extra hard next week, hmm. Other thought is that the local outdoor pool, a No Go area usually on boiling hot weekends because of yob takeover, would be blissful.

Tesco was a nightmare, with a Christmassy feverishness about it but I wanted some of their choc chip cookies. I stopped off at the books as usual to examine the lie. Number 2 in their chart is a book called Queen Mum by Kate Long. I read the first page & here we go again. Another one! Already blogged about Kirsty Scott's Mother's Day featuring the name Tesco in the first paragraph, and this one, also in the very first paragraph has "....huge row in middle of Tesco about that". I think we could be onto something. Perhaps if I called one of my characters Curtis Brown, and had him living in a flat above Waterstones and living off Tesco Ready Meals (Finest) the fasttrack would magically appear.

And here's me joining in, advertising their cookies, maybe that's the way in. Unethical novelist, I could live with that. Better than broke novelist.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


skint writer said...

I went to bloody Tesco this morning - aargh! This afternoon, even in Wales the streets are deserted (despite press reports to the contrary, we love the English really).

As for the ethics, I would draw the line at Asda (Walmart).

Maxine said...

Didn't Fay Weldon get a lot of flak for taking money from Bulgari for her novel wasn't it? I quite like her but I did not read that one on principle, if that helps!

Also prefer internet grocery shopping to Tesco, though have to admit to forgetting said event and therefore not pressing "beer" this week. I compensated by giving Malcolm a 59 p England flag as I was in Kingston today with Jenny trying to buy "merry woman Hazel" costume. (she's a merry woman in the school productoin of robin hood). As Skint observes, it was very quiet here too, though I did stop a gang of unsavoury looking youths who had a radio to check the score with them before daring to venture home. Luckily, the black smoke is not yet coming out of the chimney so it was safe to approach.
(the youths were very polite by the way. I said "what's the score" and one of them, the most scabby of the lot, said "one nil beckham eight minutes").