Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Conf 202: Artist's Block

Final draft - no. of words: 38,199
Target for today: 43,420
No. of tapes to transcribe today: 2
No. of children off sick from school today: 1

It's running away, but mustn't panic. I will catch up, somehow. And 2 tapes just arrived, wonder what they are... oh good, more comedy characters, not some mindless Mums on Strike rubbish.

Went to a good party at the weekend. Big Birthday for J one of the BBC's top lighting cameramen, now semi-retired. I bumped into the Bookmark producer I worked for on the Alice Thomas Ellis programme. She's been trying to write a novel & is taking me to lunch at the Chelsea Arts Club, wooo. Also met a lovely artist who has been suffering from artist's block. Made me realise again how lucky writers are to have such an established literary agent set-up. Telly parties are usually networking nightmares, people you're chatting with suddenly seeing someone more important and walk away whilst you're still mid-sentence & things like that. TV business has always been done at parties and in the bar, the old BBC buildings each had their own private boozer. I was rubbish at the standing next to people who could further my career stuff & couldn't work through it at all. Anyway that's all mellowing now most of us are out of work and have been for so long the 'what are you working on now' question is seamlessly avoided. And yes the artist. Quite a famous one John had made a film about and stayed friends with. Their agents are the galleries. Art Dealers - dodgy Dennises with posh voices. This guy had an exhibition of his work a couple of years ago and the gallery treated him so poorly it really did set him back in his work. Like, he presented his pictures for the show and the West End gallery turned their noses up at the frames. Got them all reframed and billed him £36,000. Then their percentage of sale is 50%. They sold one of his paintings for £4,000 and credited him £1800. A discount, they explained. Taken from his side of the profits? he queried. But of course!

Daughter off school today. Came home yesterday with sore throat & heat rash. We had the hottest June day on record yesterday, 30C or something like that. And the stupid games teacher made them run 800 metres.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


skint writer said...

good confession - something's flowing - enjoy the ride

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