Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Conf 206: Cooler Pools

No. of words: 47,008
Target for week: 52,817

Weekly target beginning to look reachable, mobile bleeped this morning. Four hours of transcription coming in tomorrow morning. But - Work. Rejoice rejoice.

Good workshop last night. The chapter with hidden depths I read went down well. The overall standard was really high & was glad to come away feeling like I'd kept up. Unlike last time. But the work I did after that last workshop has changed the whole premise of the book! So bad readings can be just as positive as good readings sometimes.

We discussed our methods a bit. I'm currently using The Writing Coach's "Before writing each scene, spend l5 minutes thinking what to focus on. What is the intention for this scene. What is the suspense to build at the end of this scene? how does she grow as a character in this scene (underlined by me that bit). Direction? Fluid? Keep action moving, strong, flowing." That was a rough note-taking translation of her words anyhow & it's helping. L's method of visualising each scene as a movie script, and even writing each chapter as a screenplay first, helps her to keep down all the explanatory waffle it's so easy to get tangled in as a novelist.

I was a real lady who lunched today. Was taken to

The Hurlingham Club
by BBC producer I used to work with. She had suggested the Chelsea Arts Club but e-mailed to say at this time of the year the Hurlingham grounds at their best and it'd be more fun. Partner also said this more of a lig opportunity, because of its setting and the impossibility of becoming a member. It was surreally wonderful: lawn tennis, croquet, a tennis tournament, Pimms, fab fab pools, empty (of people) and, unlike our saucepan efforts here, full of water. (Thanks so much Julia by the way for the news that paddling pools are exempt from hosepipe bans!) Squashy sofa flop corners in the grand white mansion etc etc. What most impressed me was, on our walk around the grounds, one of those gardener's tuck tuck vans was coming towards us along the path. I was about to step out of its way, in Kew Gardens you have to leap out of their way as they thunder by, but this one stopped way way away and waited all the while until we'd sauntered past before moving forwards. I had to give him a motorist's cheers mate, thank you wave. It was good to catch up with my friend, who was a generous person to work for. The last author she made a film about was Edna O'Brien. I gave her a copy of my first novel & I look forward to the 3-part series and the feature film.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Julia said...

Wow, the Hurlingham club definitely swanks. Not sure how exicted I can get about their 'popular indoor pursuits' though. Perhaps we should send them a parcel containing Twister, baby oil, and a bottle of tequila?

Have returned the favour and added you to my links.