Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Conf 208: Free Teeth Freelance

No. of words: 49,265

Postman brings a brown envelope brrr. However, it's good news - my National Health Service Tax Credit Exemption Certificate. As a worker who earns so little I am entitled to free prescriptions, teeth and eyes. At first lots of stamping of feet and mega-screams when I realise I needn't have paid nasty dentist bill. But the small print states I can claim it back within 3 months of treatment. A couple of phone calls have confirmed. Also means I can go and get some new glasses, long overdue. They'll probably look awful, NHS glasses veer between being a national joke and the height of hip, and no way am I going to be part of the cool and gorgeous. But for reading and working they'll do. If you're a writer not earning much (i. e. most of us) it really is worth checking your eligibility. I only discovered it last year when a friend happened to tell me in passing. I always thought in order to claim credit you had to be paying tax in the first place. Not so.

After fulfilling wordcount duty, did some research into the freelance magazine marketing world. I really should be exploiting my national press domestic guruness status more & trying to earn a proper crust from it. The NUJ site full of inf, including these really useful freelance guidelines plus a list of what magazines, newspapers etc have been paying per 1,000 words. My fee is spot on actually. So can't ask for a raise there. But might be able to flog the words worldwide or do other pieces. This was all brought on by yesterday following up a link to a syndication agency given to me by a friend who edits a womans mag in Sweden. I've had a positive reply and they're now checking out my work so it's all fingers crossed time again.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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