Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Conf 212: Contacts

No. of words: 62,967

Good start to the day - I SHALL be getting my ya ya's out! Won the residents' ballot for discounted tickets to the Stones gig at the stadium. I won't be the poor person lurking outside in Tesco carpark snatching a listen.

To the book launch yesterday of my self-published friend. Caught up with lots of old friends; excellent reading and was flattered to be mentioned in his thank-you speech. As I've already mentioned he's been getting loads of press, radio, TV without any professional PR involvement, just because it's an amazing story. Met the journalist who kicked it all off by getting him a page in the Telegraph. She really seemed to love my novel idea, gave me her card and said to get in touch when it was out.

Paperback Writer
has just announced her awards for best writing tips. My favourite was from
Tamith, who said...

One of the best writing tips was one I got off Orson Scott Card's site. It was about the importance of not consciously trying to force a theme:

"...That's why, when you really love a book, it makes you think about important ideas and issues and fresh and powerful ways. It isn't because the writer planned it that way. It's because the writer let his unconscious mind have a lot of chances to control elements of the story. It's because the writer got out of the way and let the truth of his heart dominate the opinions in his mind."

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