Friday, July 07, 2006

Conf 214: Sad

No. of words: same

First Anniversary of the London bombings. The weather is strange. We're still in a heatwave but it's all low and dark out there with steamy skies. Just returned from Waitrose shop, everyone seems subdued and preoccupied, I know I am.

I have given up trying to write today. Sometimes it's just too self-centred and trivial. Debi Alper has flagged up important information about a Yahoo boycott. This makes it a double heartache day. The very first short story I wrote back in 1995 was about freedom of speech and the internet in China. There we go again, me me me.

The college event was good. Very well organised, in the hall where my first short story prize was read out. Not about China that one but about holes in the middle of doughnuts. And there we were to listen to the 3 winners of this year's prize and they were so outstandingly good. Brilliant brilliant. Made me nostalgic for the time when I just wrote for the pleasure of it. I helped judge so I knew 2 of the stories. But hearing them read out afresh was wonderful. I managed the on stage bit OK, apparently, according to feedback. Me me me, sorry, have to stop now.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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