Sunday, July 09, 2006

Conf 215: A Genre Is Born

No. of words: 79,200

At the college evening Diana told me about this notice in The Bookseller:

Fifty Is Not a 4-letter Word

Sue Fletcher of Hodder has done a two-book deal via Jonny Geller of Curtis Brown for a first novel by Linda Kelsey, ex Editor of Cosmopolitan and She. Chronicling twelve months in the life of Hope Lyndhurst Steele, the year she turns fifty, it is a funny, wise, touching look at all the issues closest to our hearts: parents, children, partners, friends, work. It's what Allison Pearson might well be writing 10 years on ...

Notice submitted by Sue Fletcher on Tuesday 20 June 2006

Good news but mustn't get too excited. It takes a while for these things to filter through & there's a danger of being too early. All the same have sent off a query letter to Jonny G.

Big Push on now to have some sort of completed MS by the end of next week. Worked on Saturday, to make up for Friday's non-day, and have blocked out to end. Still plenty to do, but at least it's in sight.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


skint writer said...

good luck with the ms :)

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks skinto. But I mustn't get too fixed on this genre thing. At the end of the day the book has to do the talking. It has to be knocking-socks-off brilliant for anybody to buy it. And basically it's not. There's so much still to do. Ah well! So it goes...

Alias Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your lovely message - I will definitely give the EFT a try. Love the thought of myself not being a blushing stammering wreck at such occasions!

Sue x

PS Good luck with Jonny Gellar...keep us posted