Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Conf 222: Finished

No of words: 73,833


The first thing I did was sweep the garden. Not the grass, the patio bit, and threw out old pots and bits shoved along the side of the house. This is because, in my new garden-site seat, I saw a little furry visitor strolling by. A rat, ugh. We're right by a river so they're there, of course they're there, but had to make sure there was no nesting going on and block the gaps in the fence.

Feel a definite sense of freedom, of all this space around me (even if it does have rats scurrying around in it). Of being a normal person again who can do OTHER THINGS! Read a book, even. Got to get my holiday books this week. Am having eyes tested this afternoon.

The last chapter was so hard to write. I hadn't planned what was going to happen at the end between the 2 lovers. Wrote it on Sunday, next day woke up with a final line, flipping the story away to somewhere else completely. All the way through this draft I've been debating the Charles Palliser pre-plotting words of wisdom up against the Stephen King idea which goes something like 'if you don't know what's going to happen, the characters won't know what's going to happen to them and the reader won't know either.' I think the answer has to lie between the two. Lots of plotting but lots of freedom for tangents too.

I have some chapter shifting around to do before printing off and there'll be plenty of adjustments to make. I'm going to use Holly's one pass revision system. Also have to listen to and read the lyrics of Leonard Cohen to put in some fun foreshadows in the earlier part of the book. Situations rather than words as you're not, of course, allowed to quote directly.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Alias Lucy Diamond said...

Free at last, free at last, thank the Lord I'm free at last! (Or something like that.)
It IS a fab feeling, finishing. Such an achievement, to write those two wonderful words, THE END. Now you can really enjoy your holiday without thinking about your characters once...hopefully...
Sue x

skintwriter said...


AnJaka said...

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Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Sue, Skint and Anjaka. It is an amazing feeling, there's no doubt about it, even though am about to go into major tweek-mode. After two years of having the 2 novels constantly on the go it's wonderful to do other things.

Julia said...

That's brilliant. Well done you.