Thursday, August 17, 2006

Conf 225: Catching Up With The Blogs

Got my new NHS specs today. My fears of pink tortoiseshell frames were totally unfounded. They are ultra groove. I had a wide choice of designer specs by Ted Baker and the like & am now the proud all-seeing owner of 2 pairs of Fiouruccis.

The rewrite is slow-going, but at least now, after 3 days of not much happening, I'm on the way. Getting started and restarted after each draft; and restarted again after mini-breaks, for whatever reason, is definintely one of the trickiest stages of the whole process in my book (sic, sorry).

I've enjoyed revisiting all my favourite blogs and discovering some new ones, thanks to all the comments made whilst I was away. Poor Debi Alper's virus nightmare has at least resulted in an excellent virus-avoiding tutorial. Julia Buckley got down in the dumps about her rejection Letter of Poop but I agree with the others who've commented, she's a natural and her novel sounds intriguing. Skint Writer found a radio interview with Virginia Woolf I'm longing to listen to, if only I could get the speakers working on my (increasingly dodgy) computer. And I've discovered a fellow D-Lister, Dave Roberts whose musings on the joys of publication rang many bells. Going one stage further than most of us in the stalking the bookshops stakes, he's canvassing for phone pics of nationwide sightings of his novel. I haven't got the technology, but I spotted a nice pile in Waterstones, Richmond today, Dave, if you're there, as I was busy moving my in print friends to prominent positions. Not too high (i.e. nobody's buying it) but not too low either (i.e. they're only stocking a minescule number and they're still not selling). The Tart of Fiction pointed me to a great piece by Lionel Shriver about ageing, in a brilliant twist to the usual grumps she's complaining about looking too young! Jacqui Lofthouse's new website launches today, and Kate Harrison is running a competition to find a new title for her next novel. The winner will get a signed proof, a mention in the credits AND an invite to the launch party.

I can't find where the comments which need replying to were exactly, so just to say, Lorcy, the When Comedy Changed Forever Show wasn't the one I did so I'm sorry I can't enlighten you. And Carey Clark wanted to know how long it took to write my daily word quota. It varies hugely, especially now I'm at the rewrite stage. But for first drafts I favour the bash it out quickly approach so that there's something concrete on paper to work with and think around. If it's all going well 1,000 words can take as little as an hour to get down, but the usual is working non-stop from 9 through till 3 or thereabouts.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


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Lorcy said...

was doing a random scour around to see if any info on when comedy changed forever, on luck, but thanks for replying within the blog, ah well it's going on my cv anyway! hope i finally get to see it some day.