Sunday, August 20, 2006

Conf 226: Start Stop

I have got to stop using the computer so much: official.

Headache for 4th morning in a row so bad, with one eye drooped shut, fears of nasty things took over & I found myself in A&E. Thankfully it was only migraine, brought on by leaping at the keyboard first thing to get writing before daughter gets up.

This is no bad thing. I shall have to manage my time better, and not faff around so much in between. I've had a few days away from the novel now, and, as we're going away again on Friday, am not going through all the traumas of starting up and am obeying nags from family to make a life for myself away from screen-central. Rose-tinted glasses, the doctor said, and turn the screen to dim, though haven't worked out how to do that yet.

Sitting in A&E (and not for long, was called in ahead of the queue, which of course made me even more scared) worst worries were

OH NO going to miss friends coming for lunch tomorrow

OH NO going to miss the Stones

OH NO going to miss our trip to S of France.

So feeling all a bit new-lease-of-lifey now.

The Stones were great, Mick Jagger energy and Keith Richards lighting a fag that looked like a joint and saying 'it's good to be here' and being part of a Mexican wave and Midnight Rambler and this catwalk going out into the middle of the stadium, which I thought Jagger would leap down at some stage (berr) and wave at us lot at the back. But the whole band moved along it, on a kind of hidden rail track, till they were so close we could see the depths of their wrinkles. Surreal, dream-like and wonderful.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Minx said...

Screens can do dreadful things to eyes and heads. Make sure you have a good, up-to-date screen with high resolution (no wavering). You can get special glasses or screen covers, or turn the brightness down a little...these all help. The best cure, as you have said yourself, is being more disiplined.
I don't have any trouble at all when I am working (school holidays now). I have to confine my writing to evening slots - but as soon as I'm let lose with hours at the screen them my head starts to complain!
Great blog btw, came to you via Debi Alper.

Slocum said...

Just a thought, but is the refresh rate on your monitor high enough? When mine is less than about 75Hz I get regular headaches after only a little use.

The problem with higher resolutions is that often only lower refresh rates are supported. I have to select a lower resolution to specifically get a higher refresh rate. Just a though, try this article for more information.

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