Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Conf 227: Away Again

Thanks to Minx and Slocum for their comments about screen brightness and headaches, I have been fiddling with the obscure buttons underneath my (ancient) monitor and have also changed the screen refresh rate. All dim and good, so much thanks for the advice. Daughter will be mystified when she sees her Sims have suddenly been thrown into semi-darkness, but tough.

Have been doing fairly well at staying away from the computer. The Not Writing bit is easy, it's going to be hard to start up but am not going to worry about it now. We go away again on Friday, back to France.

This is the second holiday this summer.

This has never happened before.

This is unprecedented.

But a late invitation from friends Deb and Steve, to stay with them in this scrummiest house, not unlike the scrummiest house we've just returned from, didn't have us hanging around deciding what to do for long.

Airmiles! We said. We've got plenty.

But they don't work as last minute August options. By then we were all excited and the bikinis and yellow trunks were tumbling around in the wash.

And so the cheap flight internet madness began (headache anyone?). As we live, if the wind's in the right direction, literally within roaring distance of the runway, any airport other than Heathrow ruled out the Ryanair -like cheapies. I did check them out. But when you go into examining all those 99p flights there's all these extra costs and taxes and if it's the school holidays, forget it. After endless internet trawling, I did a strange thing. I picked up the phone. And rang our old travel agent. Trailfinders used to be a backpacker's one-room operation in West Kensington. Now it's grown huge and sells more business class tickets than economy as all the hippies have settled down to regular life. But happily we've got a scheduled Lufthansa flight from Heathrow for £50 each return. There are taxes, big taxes on top, credit card coughing and choking taxes, but not any more than the cheapies charge. Oh, and we have to go via Germany, too, and swap planes, but all part of the fun for us, well, for daughter and I.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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