Thursday, August 31, 2006

Conf 232 Last Day In The Sun

The problem with staying somewhere so beautiful is it's hard to leave it. Yesterday was lots of lavendery pressies then off to Cassis for my birthday lunch. Grilled fish and rosé at beachfront restaurant, children rushing in and out of the sea, D and I gazing wistfully at the skinny French beach beauties and sniggering at the topless trouts, the men overdosing on newspapers. Text from J P and A back in London with greetings half way through meal the cherry on the cassis sorbet. Then it was g and ts and champagne on the terrace as the sun went down, we spotted a red squirrel in the trees - tiny! - then we all snuggled under duvet to watch Breakfast At Tiffanys. Then a final gawp at the stars before turning in.

Bye bye thanks for visiting, come again soon.


bingo said...
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Alias Lucy Diamond said...

Hmmmm, that looks like one to delete... Happy birthday anyway! Sounds perfect
Sue x