Sunday, September 03, 2006

Conf 233: Getting Started

Here I am, then, back at the workstation, ready to go into Microsoft Word and write up synopsis notes written on holiday.

It's 13.07pm.

So far have:

Delivered daughter to friend's house.

Done evil paperwork, paying credit cards etc.

Double-checked Guardian invoices. Fee still outstanding. Good.

Written complaint to travel agent about Hertz car hire service they booked for us in Marseille. Charged twice for extras, car filthy and damaged, forced to pay for upgrade by dragon woman or we'd still be standing there. On advice of our travel-savvy friends we were staying with, we rang Hertz head office in US, they, would you believe, said 'Nothing to do with us mate, it's a franchise.' Great service hm? Thinking of threatening the journalismo card, D suggested headline: HERTZ HURTS.

Booked dentist for daughter.

Had 3 cups of lemon tea.

Munched some dandelion leaves (Diuretic you know. They're not called piss on lit in French for nothing. D, studying herbalism, also recommends nettle soup.)

Removed washing from line.

Cleaned all the windows inside and out.

Cleaned front door.

Picked tacky bluetac from front door rollerblind (left by previous tenants nearly 1 yr ago).

Surfed 'how to write synopsis' sites.

Surfed blogs (Hiii! Good to be in touch again, & many thanks, Liz, for the greetings).

Replaced candles in candelabra.

Fed fish.

Sprinkled a few drops of my birthday lavender essence on sheets.

Moved swivel chair from upstairs to this desk.

Spoken to daughter on phone, now in Kingston shopping centre, discussed whether she should buy Most Haunted DVD for a fiver. Go for it I say.

Played my birthday Jack Johnson CD. New to me, very soothing. Also got Rolling Stones Bigger Bang CD which, surprisingly, partner likes, and hurrah, Seinfeld DVDs.

Spoke to sister on phone.

Spoke to daughter again. 'It's a 15'! I can't buy it.'

It's now 13.27.

Urrff. Time to -

Ooh, there's a bird fight going on in the garden. Crows and some squeaky sounding thing.

Must investigate.

Two crows on rooftop looking very pleased with themselves.

Oh, just before we left for France, the live music blogger pointed me to Youtube and Pandora & I haven't even started on them today! Maybe just a teeny peek at Mick Ronson on My Sofa....

Bye bye, thanks for visitng, come again soon.

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