Friday, September 08, 2006

Conf 247: Legal Pets

We're getting a hamster tomorrow. Not strictly legal. One of most annoying things about renting in this country is you're not given the same rights as other human beings. You can't have pets, you can't put pictures on the wall (well, you can put hooks in but have to take them out and somehow cover over the holes before you leave), except you can't paint walls. And you can't have the type of cooker you want (12 years now of rubbish electric hobs), you're not allowed to leave the house for longer than 3 weeks at a time, it goes on and on. However, we are caving in to the hamster demand. We did ask the landlord when we took this place if we could have a guinea pig and he said we could. Felt like kids asking the teacher. This will be our 3rd hamster, (the last 2 were never official residents)& daughter is already worrying about its demise. The Where to Put It argument also in full swing. We want it beside the fridge in a little house-like cage with upstairs and downstairs. Partner wants it put neatly away under fishtank (fish were also given special leave) in one of those boring single storey cages.

The synopsis is done and edited down. I'm leaving it there for today. Am trying to work for 3 hours solid each morning and then do other things instead of spreading it out and wasting so much time on the internet. The work work starts coming in tomorrow as well, so expect will soon be back to pre-holiday exhasted state. UNLESS of course this agent likes what I sent him. That's the terrible thing. This hope thing. All's quite cheerful at the moment whilst I know there's an agent who is interested. My friend L thinks the fact that he likes the idea is more than half the battle. The 3 or 4 other agents who saw a much earlier draft have liked the writing but not the idea. But we shall see.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Susan Hill said...

Agents are not God. Remember, they don`t stand to lose any money on you - well, a bit of postage; publishers put up real serious money and take the risk of losing it. Agents just want to earn 15% of you. And each agent is an individual so what they say about your book is one person`s opinion each time. Just like reviewers.
Publishers, oddly enough, tend to agree.. when a really good book comes up for grabs out there, they all want it... or at least enough of them to make it more likely they are right than wrong.

Debi said...

Good luck! Hope it works out for you ... The waiting is always the worst part ...

As for animals, I've often suggested we refer to headlice as pets. Not very cuddly I admit, but they require little in the way of feeding (self-sufficiency rules) and you don't have to worry about what to do with them when you go on holiday. And the buggers don't die, so you don't have to worry about the grieving process ...

Caroline said...

Best of luck and fingers crossed crossed for you. I am finding the introduction letter harder to write than the novel itself!

I hate it when 'work work' gets in the way. I am drowning under a pile of student projects. Help! help!

Happy hamster having too.

Caroline x

Annie said...

I just want to know one thing... where would you put the hamster if you were going away for a while because we might be getting a hamster (that is if I can get my mum to say yes) but we go on holiday for long times and my parents are saying what would we do when we are on holiday? So can you please get back to me on that.
It would be such a help if you could. Thank you in advance.