Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Conf 251: Revision

No. of skips: 150
Pilates: Warm up, 75% of mini program, no warm down.

Daughter got very excited on return from school, '150 skips today!' I boasted. She opened the larder expecting to see 150 packets of Skips.

Day 2 of novel rewrite.

Day 1 comPLEte waste of time. V. exciting E-mail in middle of my hopeless flounderings from J with news that my grandfather was an accountant tobacconist and my grandmother a manageress tobacconist. Sent me off on a Google/ancestors.com via friendsreunited trail which was just the distraction needed. It ended on one of my ancestors appearing at the Old Bailey in 1726 - a squabble about the theft of 2 bales of hay. He wasn't the thief but a grass. (WOOPS that really was not deliberate.) Another had his black mare nicked. Boy did they hand out death sentences in those days.

Today was slightly better. It's finding a work pattern that I can stick to. Have abandoned new chapter 1 until I'm well under way and have moved on to c's 2 and 3. Think I will be printing out each one as it's complete, structurally, for further rewriting by hand.

Worrying new aspect of getting old has manifested along with lardy waist, crabby toes and the other delights. Have started leaving notes on calendar I don't understand. On October 3rd have written 'Value float'. What can it be????

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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