Thursday, September 28, 2006

Conf 253: Panic Balls

No. of Skips: 150

No work done at all today. Examined writerisms and other sins with breakfast & made yet more notes, but that doesn't count.

Am in mild panic mode about the ball tomorrow. Black tie and posh frocks, even though we're only the photographers. It's Kew Gardens and they're all very nice and grow plants for the planet and keep seahorses. Doesn't stop the panic though. Going Out? It's unheard of. Posh frocks is all very well if you've got one, and you're sipping the champagne and dancing and spending silly amounts of time at the hairdressers, and silly amounts of your disposable income showing off at the auction. But we have to hang around outside to take pics as they arrive, and it will probably be raining and cold. Have dug out long glittery dress and silky black long overjacket thing which hides the bulges, but all I have for feet is walking boots and flip flops. So off I went today to Favourite Shop to see what I could find in pointy footwear that didn't make you wobble. Also had to buy new make-up, another unheard of luxury these days. I did buy one of those lipsticks that's supposed to stay on, it was rubbish and lies and just left a horrible pink line around edge of lips in crazy-old-woman style. Am experimenting with this one and so far the pink is still there, but it feels like my lips have had woolly socks put over them.

Complete bingo on the shoes, though. Am totally in love with my Primark flatty pointys and now wish I'd bought 2 pairs. And you know what they say, if you want to know where you're going, wear pointy shoes.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anonymous said...

I think I have those shoes in grey. They are very comfy now, but rubbed a bit the first time I wore them - so maybe keep them on around the house for a bit.

Enjoy the do, sounds lovely.

Debi said...

Are you a photographer as well as writer? Me too!

Dawn Colclasure said...

It's always much more bearable to attend the posh stuff once you score a pair of shoes you fall in love with. :) I enjoyed reading your blog and glad I came across it.

Amanda Mann said...

Yes, they sound like the same ones, the grey were the second pair I nearly bought. Glad I didn't now, though, as am back in the walking boots for the daily days forever more. And many thanks for the handy new shoe hint - I packed my plasters just in case.
Am I a photographer as well? There's a question. A bit like am I a writer after the 2 novels disappeared without trace? I've had pics in papers and mags and on album covers and love doing it, so I guess I am. I'd love to do more photojournalism. One day when am not needed at home so much will go off on spec. Partner is the proper photographer person, has done some wonderful coffee table books and all, but he hates and detests digital and refuses to hand in his precious Leicas and Nikons. Also, many many photo agencies have now gone bust or been gobbled up by the Getty lot... BRBB will not go on. What kind of stuff do you do?? Thanks Dawn for the thumbs up, you don't know how gratefully received.