Saturday, September 30, 2006

Conf 254: Lost and Found

No. of skips today: 0

Maybe I should just face the truth belly up and get one of these.

Didn't feel too tramp-like at the ball, even though there were lots of dresses and hairstyles floating around. There were a few men in kilts which is always nice.

The long silky black cardigany thing was v. useful, I scraped my hair back and wore my glasses, not a good look but better than frizz and not seeing what I was doing; the shoes held out, I only spotted one other person with them, a teenager auction helper. We weren't put in a kitchen with a formica table, but shared a dressing room with the band (including a very very large lady who has just been on You Are What You Eat and lost 2 stone and a white rasta guitarist with manners); the magician who didn't stop doing tricks even when he was 'off' and did materialising dematerialising stuff I'd only ever seen on the telly; and 2 opera singers dressed as policemen who were so good, spoofing in after the auction pretending policemany things before suddenly breaking out into arias; and the charity auction helper teenagers. Met a few friendly friends I hadn't seen in a while out front, one of them just back from Toronto where she'd SEEN MY NOVEL 1! (nearly 4 years old now) in a bookstore. Now we wait and see how the photos come out. They're already asking for them urgently for the local newspapers. This has happened before and the press invariably end up not publishing them after manic racing around.

A bit of a traumatic weekend after that. I lost Hilary the hamster and found a dead fish. I blamed the Trump Towers hamster cage, too many doors, but didn't stop utter distress of daughter, trying to put a brave face on it and all. We overturned living room, rattled food bag for hours and hours at the kitchen cabinets, and then became mystified when a dead Guppy suddenly appeared in middle of the floor. Daughter slept downstairs on Sat night. No noises until midnight when little scratchy scratches came from the computer cable box. Phew.

Been trying to get opening chapter into some sort of semblance today, as it's writing workshop tonight, first one since summer break. More work work coming in morning, comedy characters which will take rest of week, and, more newspaper stuff too so will be back at end of week.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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