Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Conf 257: Can't Spell Persistence

No. of skips: 170
On chapter: um

Richmond writers pub night last night. A new guy there who has an agent and currently walking the submissions plank. After I had blabbed on about how I was possibly going to pitch to the US as well, he told me that to get his agent he had done a multiple postal submission to 50 in the UK and 50 in the US and followed EVERY ONE up with a phone call. And it worked.

Did some proper cooking at the weekend. Nigel Slater's coq au vin. The first recipe I'd followed in a long while (due to crap oven in rental home number 632 etc etc.) It was fun, esp as I took to heart his number one rule of cooking: pour yourself a glass of wine and pay no attention to people who say you must never drink on your own. This meant half of the 'vin' bit of the recipe didn't get near the pot.

Finally back onto the novel today. Spent about an hour looking for a chapter I'd deleted but hadn't, for some reason, put in the Outtakes file. MUST label each chapter file with its contents rather than a number in future. I gave up in the end and started rewriting, but then, on moving another huge chunk from centre of novel to the beginning, there it was! Tucked away. Phew.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anonymous said...

Is this Richmond writers group open to all - I'd be interested in joining.

Jessica said...

Autumn is when I start cooking 'properly' again as well. Love the sound of the NS Coq, that might be something for the weekend, so to speak. Thanks.