Friday, October 20, 2006

Conf 261: At Last, A Handy Hint That Works

No. of crisps: 27

Rare event: going to the movies tonight. Wanted to see Volver which is one of those films friends keep on saying suddenly out of the blue you've Got to See It. It's only on miles away now in Central-land, so that'll have to wait for Blockbuster. Instead it's The Queen.

Friday night? Time for online credit card booking faff or nightmare Odeon Filmline computerspeak conversation, you might be thinking. But no. No more getting all the way through to the end where robotwoman suddenly decides not to recognise your credit card and winds back to ask 'what film do you want to see?' for the 500th time. What you do is, after you've said RICHMOND, or wherever you live, obviously, in a funny stern voice, and it says would you like to book tickets? You say 'SPEAK TO OPERATOR' and magically the machine implodes on itself and you get a real person!! How about that. Then you can find out which screen it's on at, what time the movie proper starts, discuss seating arrangements and pre-order popcorn.

Now, I've just finished work work and am taking myself out with draft of C1 to a location as I need some first-hand observational This is not like me, I don't do that sort of thing, but the sun's shining and I've had enough of this screen.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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