Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Conf 262: Down to Business

No. of crisps: 23

My friend The Writing Coach has just launched her E-Book: "30 Days to Conquer Your Self-Doubt and Procrastination and Have 30,000 Words Under Your Belt". And very good it is too.

As a bonus, she's offering "13 novelists share their personal stories about how they broke through and found their first publisher". I was one of these, and so have had a sneaky preview read of some of the others. They're good. A bit like giving birth stories, every one an irresistible tale to the teller; and also for anybody about to go through the same process. Every one fascinating in its own way. They're mostly, well, all, more successful than me, several bestsellers amongst them. One who particularly caught my attention, a chap who's all over Tesco right now, took the e-mail route rather than the snail male and I am beginning to wonder if I haven't missed a trick here. It's all very well doing what they tell you to do, but who ever got anywhere by doing what they're told?

My recent submission to Mr Superagent a case in point. He e-mailed me, I snailmailed him, the e-mail rejection came from his assistant's assistant. Signed with his name at the end, and with some good comments which I have now acted upon, inserting whole new Chapter 1. Usually you wouldn't ever bother resubmitting same story to an agent who has already rejected you. But I have since heard from another writer that this guy actually doesn't read anything, it's the assistants and the assistants' assistants etc etc. who act in his name. So now I'm thinking I might as well resubmit to his e-mail, seeing as I have it. This writer did just that after a similar rejection, and Mr Big requested the novel in full (and then rejected as it so goes and goes). So I think it's worth the crack, all he can do is press delete. It's also got a different title, so I think I will. I will also do some other e-mail query letters I think.

The other thing I'm not sure about is whether to say that there are 2 novels virtually ready for the off. Or is that muddling the mud?

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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