Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Conf 265: Authorly Winge

Excitement. An envelope in the post from my old agent. Is there some new news on my old books? Have the Russians finally got a publication date? Have asked over and over if they can tell me what's happening, and the very nice foreign rights lady says she'll get on to them but I never hear back. My last reminder was August. A year after the previous reminder. Should I accept that it's not going to happen. You'd think so by now, wouldn't you? They have been translated, I know, because I got some funny translation queries. It's hard to see your books dying without ever having had any chance of the market. This is so for 99.9% of all books published, and something you just have to get used to. But every now and then the winge grows.

Am hopping mad actually. A new book in the charts, not only the same subject as my novel 2 but set in exactly the same school playground. I know this because a friend is at said school and playground gossip there has gone into overdrive. I couldn't resist buying it last time I was in Tesco. This is a terrible wingey thing and feel slightly embarrassed, it happens all the time. There is no copyright in ideas. Am not for a second suggesting she's copied me.

But here we are a royalty statement. Here we go:

Jan to June 2006

Novel 2, pub. 2004
home sales 32 earning me £12.22
export RETURNS! 41 = -£7.83

Total profit = £4.39

Unearned balance c/f -£1927.62

Novel 1, pub 2003

Home sales 61 earning me £24.18
Export sales 1 earning me 14p

Wonder if that was the one in the Canadian service station my friend K saw?

Unearned balance c/f -£972.62

Oh well, at least I don't have to pay it back. And who were those 32 people who bought novel 2??

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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pundy said...

That's certainly a sad story. But surely most of the blame for the poor sales must be attached to your publisher. It's their job to sell/market the book after all. Your job - apart from writing the thing - to help them. Ask them for a copy of their marketing plan for your books.