Saturday, November 04, 2006

Conf 267: But What If It's Cack?

And so have done the Amazon thing. Called up novel 2 and clicked on 35 Used and New From £0.01p. Happily ordered up all the 1p ones, of which there were 3, then the price rose to a steep £1.25 and thencewards, but, still, bargain enough so I thought, until I got to the check-out and the bill was £29.36p - of which £5.62 was for books and the rest for postage. So had to laboriously go back to beginning and click through one by one. Ended up ordering 3 which have arrived.

I open and read the first sentence. Absolute rubbish cack! What was I thinking? There was a reason, of course there was a reason why this book was dead and buried before it had been born. Then I re-examine the reaction, or, as you're probably aware by now, the general non-reaction around publication time. You can't usually rely on relatives for an honest opinion as they'll shield you from the worst of it. Not mine. I don't have many relatives. Very few in fact. But my sister did say she didn't like it, and much preferred novel 1. As did my long-lost cousin. There were many more silences, not least from agent and publisher. But there was a review in OK which was OK, and another which really liked it and called it fun and intelligent, which, as a market marker, would do me fine. And a few friends said they really enjoyed it in a way I could, I think, tell wasn't just to make me cheer up.

HOWever mission embarked on I shall continue and send out some query letters to TV companies.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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