Monday, November 06, 2006

Conf 268: Don't Look Down Don't Look Back

Not a good thing to do.

Have transferred energies back to novel 3. Yet more rewriting of early chapters. It feels like I've been stuck there for a long time.

Am moving on to the synopsis rewrite tomorrow and shall then start the business in earnest. Question is do I resubmit what is now a completely different novel to Favourite Agent
my friend highly recommends who liked the writing but didn't see a market. Now the market's moved on and the writing's better, probably worth a crack.

Away from the screen have become science student and loving it. Each week we go to a lecture theatre (with little tables that pull out from the side of your chair and everything) in the National Physical Laboratory. Where the time pips come from. This sounds like pushyparentdom gone ape. It wasn't daughter's idea, either, or mine, but partner who is a physicist type person and was mad keen to go himself so we reluctantly agreed. But the teacher is so good and makes it all one big game so we're hooked. Last week was all about electricity and the size of things. Electricity, we were told, is not about the stuff that comes out of plugs in the wall. It's in everything. We had our own mini science museum play area where we made salami sausages and water and glasses and bits of paper fly about and things like that. One of best bits was a film called Powers of Ten, made in the 70s by the Eames furniture company of all people. It starts off at a picnic in Chicago and, in one shot, moves out to the edge of the universe and then back in - to the tiniest smallest small of everything. It's supposed to be downloadable at the moment but I can't get it to work. Daughter's favourite bit was the elements song.

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