Thursday, November 09, 2006

Conf 269: Poperall Meanderings

After a morning's rewriting - the new synopsis done and dusted and final fiddle with c's 1 - 3 - I decided to give myself some time out in the sunshine.

Melvyn Barg on R4 whilst doing my pilatesing this morning - talking about Alexander Pope. He was the first English person ever to make his living as a writer. Because he was Catholic, he wasn't allowed to live in London and so lived 10 miles outside in Twickenham. Have been meaning for ages to revisit his Grotto gardens, haven't been there since I moved here, and so, after dumping off the library books, took a wander. He was not a pleasant character so it seems, and didn't leave home without his great dane and loaded pistols. Took a stroll down the cobbled lanes to the river and along, stopped off in Langton's, our independent bookshop. Serge Lourie, the leader of the council, he of the salutory coshing the 4 x 4's in there, being talked at very loudly his companion. It's also a coffee shop. The mad mini Roman fountain, all dripping maidens and and rearing horses v. good value for a dip out of the high street. Then back to the library feeling all full of the past so I've brought home some fat photographic history books. Am reading 2 novels already, some proofs an author friend gave me of contemporary women's stuff, which I really must read more of to get up to speed a bit. I'm still wandering off into paragraphs that meander and explain too much too often instead of the short, snappy chatter stuff I'm supposed to be doing.

I got in touch with Favourite Agent who has agreed to take another look. So the fingers are all crossed every which way.

Not going to work too hard today and now off to have a cup of tea and sprawl with new lib. books.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


John Baker said...

Hi Amanda
I've listed you as a novelist on my site.
Best wishes and keep up the good work.
John Baker

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good news to me.

Have fun sprawling!

letterfromyorkshire said...

Hello Amanda,

Am enjoying your blog. Partly because I'm also plugging away at writing. Novel finished for the third time... Tv series being politely turned down (I think slaps in the face actually get you further than pats on the back, in the end) 8 minutes on a radio comedy pilot. Main thing is: writing is good fun. Selling is misery, so we should stick to the stuff that makes us happy. aAnd let the rest look after itself...

Amanda Mann said...

Thank you all. I am more hopeful than I've been for a while, which is, of course, 99 times out of 1000, hopeless, and only makes you more miserable when it comes back. Am therefore preparing for the fallout. Have done yet more rewrites for the next submission, and, not least, my writer's group tonight.