Monday, November 13, 2006

Conf 270: Fiddle fiddle

Novel 3 rewrite: page 9

Will I ever get past chapter 1?

Am rewriting partly to stave off the misery of another rejection when it comes. Knowing that I've improved it will give me the impetus to send it off again quick. Also, writer's group this evening. Am looking forward to it, not least for the chatter which seems to be getting longer and longer until someone sighs and says 'oh well I suppose we'd better read then,' and then it's usually all right, so long as am not feeling pulped to a rubbish pile by people going before me. Actually, going first, which nobody ever wants to do, is pretty failsafe. Maybe I'll put my hand up.

Not too much writing today, however. Hosted coffee morning for 2 of partner's friends, which was fine, nobody seemed to notice I produce crap coffee, or if they did so they weren't letting on, and the caramel biscuits were unbeatable. They all used to work together, so I didn't have much to contribute. Then there were hamster food, fish food, milk, bread day to day demandables that I'd put off over the weekend, which meant different shops and different parkings, all v. exciting. Actually, it was because I collected photo disk and found a stray hyacinth smelling all blue which is now permanently wafting around the computer.

We are getting a new computer. This one keeps threatening to conk out, and the disk thingy is full. It's so old it doesn't take powerpoint or have chart graphics or any of the stuff daughter needs. We keep fighting for control as well. Also, partner is around much more which means open plan room not ideal for getting novels done and dusted. So this computer's going up to the spare room (SANS internet! until we take the wireless step) and a bells and whistles APPLE will be arriving soon. Was very anti, in a scared kind of way, but am now looking forward to it. I deeply desire a laptop, but then decided had to get the most basic old PC World PC which somehow partner has negotiated into the all in one screen thingy.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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