Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conf 272: Remainder Reminder

Novel progress: none (have been working)

A letter from publisher in the post. Not fiction, but non-fiction publisher who I never, ever hear from. Not even royalty statements because I get no royalties. Both of my non-fiction books were written for a flat fee, which authors are told never to do, but it was much-needed bread on the table at the time. It's just as well I did, because one of them has provided me with a steady income from the related newspaper column for several years now, earning me more than the novels (if you've seen my royalty statements, you'll know this isn't difficult).

So, what can it be? A thank you for promoting the book in national newspaper every other week? A new commission? The editor did promise, PROMISE in a really thespian grovelling cheesy double-barrelled way, that she'd give me more work and pay me better for all the extra effort I put in to completing the second non-F to deadline. I reminded her about a year ago, but got an abrupt no thanks, nothing suitable has come in. Which could be the case - this is not a winge, am just trying to tell it how it is.

Anyway, the letter is to say they're reducing stock of 2nd non-f and will not be reprinting. Therefore they're offering me the opportunity to purchase up to 300 copies of my book at the discounted price of 10% RRP. Hmm, that makes it 79p a copy instead of £7.99. It's a bloody good book as well. Maybe I could do boot sales. Brilliant idea (not mine) and, even if I say it myself, well executed. My friend Jean helped me write it, as the deadline was bonkers & I was getting extremely stressed out. She should have had a credit, it was promised, but never appeared. Wonder how many I should order? Must contact Jean, see if she wants some. I check the Amazon ranking: 1,300,523. Ah well, it never got the publicity you see.

Andrea Semple has listed me in her top 10 writing sites, alongside the Grumpy, Miss Snark blogerati. Thank you Andrea, has made my week.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anonymous said...

You'd definitely be in my top ten.

BTW Your link to my blog points to my old url. My new one is:
if you'd like to change it.

I've been meaning to thank you actually - you were one of the first people to link my blog and the visitors you sent really helped motivate me at the start.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, scrap that stuff about the URL, I was mistaken.

leatherdykeuk said...

I came here via Andrea too

Susan Hill said...

You buy them up and re-sell them a a fiver. I have have bought up anything of mine that has gone OP and they`re a nice steady little earner. When they`re gone I bring them out again, re-jacketed, under the Long Barn imprint, as mop up a load more. What is a good sale ad profit for me would seem to be an amount beneath contempt for Penguin. They let one of my best novels go OP and I grabbed it back. I have now sold 6,000 copies and reprinting. Yet they said it was not worth keeping in stock.

Clare said...

Ah yes, this happened to me. My publisher ceased trading, and I was given the opportunity to buy back remaindered stock at 50p per copy.

I now have 300 books sitting in boxes in my spare room. Oh dear.

By the way, would you mind emailing me to let me know what your email address is? Just because I have an interesting writerly based thing you might like to know about.

I'm at Clare AT ClareSudbery DOT co DOT uk. Cheers.

Amanda Mann said...

Awww, thank you Julia! & welcome leatherdyke. Many thanks, Susan, for your advice. It's heartening to hear.