Monday, November 20, 2006

Conf 273: Converted

The Apple store has been visited and a computer chosen. A warehouse on a trading estate, but the tiniest little corner shop. I eventually realise that the warehouse bit is hidden away behind the cosiness. A (heyday 40ish) Donald Sutherland lookalike catches my eye and I get the first inkling of Apple Cool. Major upheavals of house are underway to accommodate. The spare room will no longer be, and I must clear music stand, bead boxes, clothing, books, stones, files that are never used, and the rest. Getting Started is very like getting started on novel after a time away.

The work work is out of the way and I have done my novel quota, completing and about to print chapters 1 to 3. Will not allow myself to look at them again and it'll be onwards and upwards with Chapter 4 rewrite. No news from Favourite Agent. It hasn't been two weeks yet but feels like much more. May mean she likes it and has passed it on to a colleague for a second opinion. Could equally mean she hasn't got round to it yet. I am ready to send it out again anyhow, when I do hear, and onwards with the rewrite.

Am falling for Jewish men all over the place right now. First there was Jonathan Sacks, the voice of, don't know what he looks like (hooray must be maturing!); a picture of Sasha Baron Cohen wobbly-knee'd, and then David Guest in the jungle gets my vote. Even though Desmond Morris says I'm being manipulated. We're only mildly addicted to this one, however. Didn't at all like the immediate bush tucker trial landing on the new guy the other day, and actually managed to watch the far more cultural chimpanzees attacking and eating each other instead last night.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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jeetubhai said...

Couldn't agree less with Richard. Yogesh has successfully saved many orgnisations at critical times and I can vouch all those times. I've been around and I know it. Well done Yogesh.