Thursday, November 23, 2006

Conf 274: Onwards & Backwards

Work in progress rewrite: Chapter 4

No news from Favourite Agent. Posted query letter re novel 2 to TV development producer today.

Have mostly been work working this week (until 1.15 am last night)... And collecting new computer! (The two are linked.) The Apple store is a shop which makes people happy. 'Heeeey, I like your scarf!' says a cheery man as we pass at the door. 'Spooky', says partner, for it was his scarf, not mine, and I had just said the same thing to him as we left the house. He's been wearing it for years and nobody's ever commented on it before. 'Hey, look at this!' Daughter keeps saying to my left. She's making a movie, running through sound effects now. Not sure how blogger and e mails and stuff will settle so have parallel screens running downstairs now until wireless is sorted.

Not much writing this week, but have finished the rewrite on the first 3 chapters and have started rejigging Chapter 4, which was Chapter 17 in the last draft. Brings a strong main character right forward into things.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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