Saturday, November 25, 2006

Conf 276: Diversions

Saturday morning, 8.30 am. I get up early to write.

Saturday morning, 8.53 am, onto 2nd morning cuppa, still playing on internet.

Notes waiting: mostly from yesterday's waiting room Country Life binge:

Alan Cotton, painter

Private indoor pools - sinister.

Bad form to turn up to pony club meetings in a lorry - 4 x 4 and a trailer's the thing. Multi-coloured saddle cloths better than a made-to-fit sheepskin numnah.

Ithaca, Greece, a rare opportunity to aquire a magical paradise on the beach. Breathtaking views of Skonos Bay to the North and out to the Ionian Sea. Condé Nast Travellers 50 best villas in the world.

Bay Watch, near Looe, Cornwall, terraced gardens with steps to rocks and beach.

The World's Worst Website.

DKNY dress & baseball cap

Neon nylon

tiny belted trenchcoat

washed-out whites of the prom.


Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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