Monday, November 27, 2006


Have been going through the usual new computer confusion traumas. But here I am, bloggering on our deliciously spacey iMac. The panic of on-line withdrawal has abated, though I'm still attached by invisible wire to the PC and will be writing on that for a while longer, if I can ever get beyond calling helplines. Microsoft this morning, with Windows disc at the ready, yeuch (in tidying up old PC managed to delete an important icon). It's also our writer's group tonight so have to do some more work on Chapter 4. Now 3 weeks since I submitted to favourite agent and it's beginning to feel like it's not going to be good news. Beginning to wonder if it was cheeky sending the 3 chapters and synop by e-mail. I do know that most agents work to e mail as a matter of course. Certainly with their clients. And with submissions they're interested in. But not all.

PS: So, I call Microsoft as instructed by internet provider and tell them the problem.

Q: Which system do you have?
Me: Windows 98.
Reply: Windows 98 is an obsolete product. You'll have to look for the solution yourself via our support website.
Me: But the computer won't connect to the internet, that's the problem.
Reply: You'll have to upgrade to a newer product, then.
Reply: Then call us back.

There followed a mini-rant, punchlined with I've just bought an Apple & plonk of receiver.

PPS: Sorted! Suggestion from (seriously computer illiterate) partner worked & was back online in minutes. Can now transfer novel from floppy old PC to Apple via e-mail.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


guy said...

Ammanda, I get a lot out of your site and am happy to offer something back. I work in IT and operate Apple kit of my own. If you want to set up a dialogue for any help you need but can't get through google or help desks, feel free to mail me on and I'll give you a phone number (old technology, I know but it works ...). If you don't need any help no worries, but kindly delete this comment. Cheers, Guy

Amanda Mann said...

Wow, thank you Guy. That's so kind of you, and lovely to hear my site has been useful. I have your e mail noted down!

guy said...

funnily enough, I also used the frontlist ...


Julia Buckley said...

Sounds very annoying. This kind of thing is one of the downsides of working from home I suppose.