Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Conf 278: Double No News

Now it's a daily no-news situation feeling. Doubled, because the query letter to development producer re novel 2 hasn't brought a response either. But, never mind, the final draft is still in progress & a request for the whole MS would bring on mass panic. Might put a bomb under me to get it done once and for all though.

Writing group last night had us raising glasses of bubbly to L, who has just been longlisted for the Carnegie. Our first lister! There were 4 of the 6 of us there last night; 2 of them are being published well at the moment, and 2 of us are having to make ends meet in other ways as we keep on searching for time to finish our (me 3rd, her 4th) novels. We discussed the whole work getting in the way thing. I am actually quite happy with the work I do at home, TV post production scripts & interviews, because it's usually light entertainment, doesn't require any braincells or office politics or dread commuting and I choose however many hours I want to do. However, I am always trying to think up ways of pulling in more & announced my latest website idea last night. A literary version of You Tube, writers put up their first chapters, people vote, the best rise to the top etc etc. H tells me it's already been done.
The Frontlist looks good, though, & I might put something up. The other novel, perhaps, which I abandoned two thirds of the way through for current novel.

PS: Having read Caroline's experience, link below in comments, will not be going down the Frontlist route.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Elizabeth Baines said...

You might be interested in my today's post about my experience of the Frontlist

SarcasmInc said...

I find it really difficult to leave a book midway - have to finish it. Sometimes I get obsessive about it - or at least that's what my near and dear ones have to say!

Nice idea by the way. Problems of trust though.


Amanda Mann said...

Thanks for the warning! There's nothing worse than wasting your own precious time with timewasters. Perhaps it needs refining somehow. Yes, sarcasminc, abandoning novel very bad thing to do. I was so fired up about the new one, though, and really need the breakthrough idea to have any chance of being published again. Big, big gamble.