Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Conf 283: Back to Notes

Once a week I have to sit in the car for half an hour outside piano lesson. I usually take whatever mss I'm working on for revision. This time I took the file of notes, the big file of notes I've made over the year. I wanted to revisit the character notes, but I didn't get as far as that. I've spent far more time on technical structure and theme and all that than I ever did for novels 1 and 2. Novel 1, none at all, just wrote out a story. This might well be the best way. Who knows? Everybody is different.

All these notes I've written I've barely looked at. I pulled out a few bits:

Chapter by chapter:

Emotions as colours.
Harmonise or clash?
Clash usefully or stupid?
One dominant emotion - grief? anger? bliss? Contentment. Melancholy. Passion.
Play these emotions like an instrument and think of overall structure as score.

(David Mitchell)

Be a camera.
Often people aren't saying what they mean.
One thought per sentence.

(Barbara Trapido)

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