Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conf 290: Looking Busy

A mention on the intriguing visual thesaurus has made me think I'd better start looking like I'm doing something here.

Since we moved to this house I've been working downstairs, mainly because of the internet connection, and the proximity of the fridge and the garden welcome distractions. The new Apple arrived a month or so ago and the sidetracks have just got silly. I'm really itching to have the whole manuscript word perfect now, done, dusted and put away. I'm way behind schedule, unavoidables, namely work, but there are always the early hours of the day, and it's so much about getting into the rhythm of the story, the daily visits feeding on themselves, I really have to get back to that. We did move the old computer upstairs today. I've been having visions of the little room as haven, getting up at 6am and writing solidly for a few hours. The next one is snapping away, I got a sensationally wonderful, timely reference book for Christmas and I'm longing to get down to it. So - tomorrow morning, let's see. Back to the old computer, NO internet connection, NO tinkering with the google image labeller, and back to the rewrite, only the rewrite, nothing but the rewrite.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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