Monday, January 01, 2007

Conf 293: Success for 2007

About half way through the clear-up, from daughter's cameraphone.

The last hour of 2006 saw much of the year begone sensationally symbolised when our chocolate fountain exploded. At about 11.15pm hot, liquid chocolate spat far and wide as the machine suddenly went berserkly out of control and started spinning, like the Dr Who Christmas Tree, someone said, the top twizzler thing screwing upwards - spurting the brown stuff onto clothes, walls, every kitchen surface, burning and sizzling the cooker hob, inside the toaster (forcing the smoked salmon toast accompaniment to be abandoned). Fortunately skin and eyes of 2 children & 2 adults were spared. Cleaning up the shit was just done in time to crack the bottle and the poppers, watch the fireworks on TV and say GOOD RIDDANCE to 2006, well, I did, in my head. Not a good year. A Bad Year. BUT it's gone, thank Christ, and here's all positiveness for 2007. Started well with the grooves of 3 string guitar player Seasick Steve on Jools. Yesterday began with a run in the sun and some good hunkering down on Chapter 6. Then, with that wonderful 'having written' feeling back in place at last, the movies (girly girly The Holiday) and long, late lunch with old friends. Chapter 6 has been a bit of a marathon, due to so many interruptions, but also because it is the first real look we get at 2 main characters, which is so important to get right. I feel this is the chapter where the reader will either engage or throw the whole thing to one side. It's been a bit like writing a short story, honing down every word. Last night I continued work on the printout in bed, and the Graham Greene thing worked in that I woke up with fresh new ideas freebased from the subconscious.

As Damien Hirst said on last night's Sth Bank Show, confidence breeds confidence, & determined to build on the quiet positiveness I'm currently feeling about the novel. The story of Marc Cherry's turnaround after a serious bout of of failure stench, a heartening start to the new year.


Julia Buckley said...

Oh no! And I was so excited to hear about the choccie fountain too. More of a volcano by the looks.

Debi said...

Chocolate fountain? Did you say CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN??? I'd've been round with tongue sticking out ready to lick every surface if only I'd known ...

Happy new year and let's hope this one will be a good one for us all!

Anne Brooke said...

Chocolate fountain wars? Sounds like bliss, as Debi has said! I can sympathise with your views on 2006 though - most of it was crap in my opinion. So hope both our 2007s are better!

Dare I say - happy new year?