Friday, January 05, 2007

Conf 294: Grumpy Writers

Susan Hill has been complaining about complaining writers. I hope she doesn't mean me. She probably does. Thought I'd better say that it wasn't the writing that made 2006 bad, but other stuff. It was one of those years where everything seemed to simply be getting progressively worse, that's how it's been. I've not written about it here because it's to do with other people and I do try hard not to winge. I'm such a bloody optimist I'm even thinking now that the pit of the trough must have been reached and any moment now there'll be a turn for the better.

Meantime back to normal days. Lots of work has come in which is, as always, great for the survival prospects and puts the writing on hold for a little longer. It's comedy, though, the best of Fools and Horses, which means I'm getting to examine the genius of John Sullivan's writing at close quarters and laughing out loud every so often. Just what's needed.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Don't worry, Amanda - I'm one of the complaining writers - and bloody proud of it too! Naturally, I will continue to complain with style and pizzazz until such time as the great publishing gods decide to understand the real world somewhat better. So, fear not - while I create a suitable diversion, there's still time for you to escape!



Amanda Mann said...

Thank you Anne! And thank you Susan for putting me onto your excellent blog. I could so, so relate to your situation. You've never met your agent?! I never met my editor, not until the Christmas party, and I thought it was so weird and I never ever stopped wondering why on earth they ever signed me up if they were so not interested. It does sound like you've got a solidly good book there & I look forward to reading about its breakthrough into the world.