Saturday, January 06, 2007

Conf 295: PLR DAY

It's PLR day today, every author's city bonus-type day when the letter arrives telling us how much we've earned from library lendings over the year. Last year I got the biggest shock when I opened my envelope to discover a much larger divi than I'd ever imagined - £800-odd compared to the fifty quid (if I was lucky) I was genuinely expecting. Second shock was it came from obscure 2nd novel of all things. Now, of course, this year I'm thinking naaah it won't be anything, I've had no new books out after all. The novels will have been withdrawn, they were paperbacks, and I really will be lucky to get enough for one month's rates. BUT goes the hope bit, on the other hand, the 2 non-fictions have come into play, and they have to be worth something, but not as much, not nearly as much, naah. But something? Tsss.

Am up fairly early for a Saturday, wanting to get some work work done before the day kicks into fragments of taking down the Christmas decorations; cleaning out the fish; bacon, egg & marmalade toast brunch flop with the papers; catching up on Big Brother (Donny has escaped. And didn't Jade look good?). I was disappointed with the line-up at first, esp with twitty facsimile Donny. I was hoping for the rumoured Derek Acorah or Jeffrey Archer, but already this lot are starting to take hold. The Indian actress is my favourite at the moment.

It's our first writer's workshop meeting of the year on Monday. So looking forward to seeing everybody. I still don't feel confident enough with Chapter 6 to put it to the read out loud test. Was thinking I would probably use my 10 minute slot to discuss titles. I woke up this morning with one I am so very excited about, I really think it might be the one. Have Googled it and Amazoned it and nobody's nabbed it yet. Unlike last favourite, Fear of Fifty, which a certain Erica Jong collared many years ago. Question is, if it gets the thumbs up from the girls, do I send yet another e-mail to Favourite Agent who didn't like the last title? Or do I accept she's not going to take it? 'I remain interested but not committed,' were her parting words. Adding, 'Apologies.' The first bit sounds positive, the second bit doesn't.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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