Thursday, January 11, 2007

Conf 297: Starts Where?

It's lunchtime and I have yet to start filling my little wordcount tube. So far coffee & muffins at D's and a quick nip into Tesco on the way back, but I still have 5 hours because daughter's going to a friend's after school.

Everything is printed and ready, new notes have been gathered, and, upstairs on scrap of paper beside the bed, some new thoughts ready to fire off on. Good Sign. But. Big Decision. Which computer? The old internetless rustbucket upstairs in spare room/my study/daughter's study/partner's dressing room; or beloved new iMac down here next to two fridges full of nourishing and a garden to skip in? It has to be upstairs, I know. Then I can go deep into the night and early mornings and not go leaping off to e-mail every time the postage stamp thingy down below lights up.

Last night did some research into mag, onlinezine editors. Am going to try and expand on my journalese side. This will bring in a mountain of ignores and rejections, but perhaps one will stick. Timing and luck, if they happen to be looking for the sort of content I can offer at the time, unlikely but not impossible. The Guardian came from such a trawl and that's been going a few years now. Discovered a new Writers and Artists UK writing competition on the way. The rules don't dismiss you if you've been published before.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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