Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Gloomy days. Concentrating on digging out the wrong writing means I've been swilling around in my own waste for days now. The printer is chugging away now, churning out what I hope and trust will be the final drafts of chapters 1 and 2. It's been heavy going. Each time I print I think that's it, then I read and find more to change. I took the main structure/character file with me for a quick half-hour's reading whilst I waited outside guitar lesson yesterday, and went back to the bigger picture. So much of the story thread seemed to slot into place, it was extraordinary, like it was waiting to happen. This from a Martin Amis Q & A in the Independent on Monday:

Writing is less mental and more physiological than is generally understood - decisions and calculations, matters of reason, hardly ever come into it. It took me years to find out how true this is. When I was younger, I would come up against a difficulty in the narrative and I would beat my head against it for hours and days at a time. now I feel prompted to leave my desk and pick up a book; and I don't return to my desk until my legs take me there, and I find that the difficulty has been resolved. Your unconscious does it. Your unconscious does it all.

A A Gill is thinking of compiling a short volume of best/worst/vainest web pages and has kicked off with his vain vote going to this anthology writer.

As well as eliminating the wrong words, I'm concentrating mainly on emotion and character in the detail. John Baker's Learning to Write XVIII yesterday was about characterisation.

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