Friday, January 19, 2007

Conf 301: MINUS 200

A bit of a minus day today. Daughter was going to youth club with 2 friends tonight, but after one pulled, she decided to pull, and the parent of the third is well miffed that telly has been chosen over social interaction. Of course she's right, but I reckon the club will be empty anyway.

Yet another day on the first 3 chapters. The re-reading was down to just one alteration here and there, and I have finally, finally, FINALLY done it. The first 3 chapters that is. I shall now be going on to the synopsis to put in the small but significant changes to the storyline I made outside guitar lesson yesterday.

I've been using a couple of new working titles and decided to test them on Favourite Agent and tell her a new version was now available. I wasn't sure, but I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, and a writer friend continues to tell me she thinks this is the agent for me. So I did. And she replied straight away with an 'Ooooooh I don't think so....' Doesn't think there should be a 50 in the title. It's not a sexy age, which is one of the main points of the story. Though she was as friendly as ever, and, most importantly, didn't tell me to f off and never darken her in-box again, I did have a sad and lonely THIS IS SO F-ING HARRD! moment. This is only one agent, I know. I just have to keep on getting on with it.

The Guardian has sent me double the number of commissions this month, which is great. That'll be the next thing to do after the synopsis.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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