Monday, January 22, 2007


Year 8 English homework, make up a proverb:

(it says: A book is like a butterfly, you don't experience its glory till it spreads its wings.)

A South American interruption this morning as old Venezuelan pal drops into London via a vodka-tasting in Poland. She used to work on a fashion magazine but now has her own travel mag - managing to get ritzy vodka commissions. She spent 3 days Warsaw-side, downing the white stuff day and night. Here I was today, all ready for a day at the screen, too. As this isn't Poland it was bagels and coffee and then to the shops with us. Her desired destination - Borders, for calendars. The last time I went to shops that didn't sell food was Christmas. Turned out to be good idea, as all down to £2. I had to choose between Pirates of the Caribbean II (for daughter), Kylie (for partner) and old photos of London (for me). I could have bought all of them but then would have been in 3 diary hell for rest of year, and the profit-margin shrunken. Not what I was expecting to be doing today. We talked about partner and I possibly doing some articles for her, based around his lifetime of photojournalism pics.

I have been rewriting the synopsis as I may as well start sending it out again now. The rest of the rewrite will speed up. Deadlines are difficult when there are unavoidable interruptions, but I think I'll have a crack at revising a chapter a day, until I get to the end, and then close-edit those chapters. I need to feel progress. It's so difficult when there's no editor, no agent, no feedback, and you're only concentrating on the parts of your writing that you don't like. The feeling you're doing something so pointless that nobody's going to want to read anyhow is heightened. But there we go, onwards and onwards. Writing group tonight. Dare I read?

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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