Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Conf 303: MY DESK

Kate put out a call for us to fess up our desks, so here's me:

The hyacinth is now an ex-hyacinth (do you keep the bulbs? I don't bother any more we move house so often). Freebie newspaper poster and CD have also been binned (can never bring myself to do it immediately). The letter is from the rugby people, telling me I've got tickets in the residents' ballot for the England vs Scotland 6 Nations game (but it's still £55 a ticket! I'd love to go to a match, just to see what it's like, but quite out of the question at the moment). I did think about putting them on e-bay, but you're not supposed to transfer them, and am such a wimp I'd just live in permanent fear of being found out. The little telly I use for my post-production work (which has gone very quiet for nearly 2 weeks now, if it weren't for PLR and having a novel to finish I'd be panicing). Screensaver is daughter, put up by herself.

And here's the exercise yard. Erm, those shoes, OK - skipping shoes. They are not allowed out of the front door under any circumstances. The chair is from a junk shop in Brentford and badly needs replacing, cushion has to be scrunched up into small of back to avoid twanging spine.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Lordy lordy, Amanda, but I envy you soooo much - your office/desk is utterly fantastic!! I'm in the crowded spare room squashed into the corner, surrounded by books, numerous unknowable piles of paper, two clothes horses, the exercise bike, several boxes, three old computers whose parts might come in handy and the golf gear. You are so lucky!!



Lucy Diamond said...

It looks gorgeous - very relaxing! Really must get round to posting pics of the dumping ground - I mean, loft, where I work. You would be horrified!!