Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I discovered the opening chapters could not be edited down any more. The rewritten, shortened synopsis was complete. Time to start selling.

I've almost given up hope on Favourite Agent. Although she hasn't said no, she's still being reticent so time to move on. I had the name of an agent another had referred to, and the name of an agent at an agency some friends were at. So I went to Everyonewhosanyone for their e-mail addresses. Scrolling down I found a friendly note from an agent saying she welcomed e-mail submissions. I wrote a query e-mail, pasted the synopsis and off it went to 4 agents. Two replied immediately, the first saying it sounded interesting and to send the first 3 chapters, preferably hard copy. The other (from e-mail friendly discovery) said it sounded really interesting and could I e-mail the whole novel.

Slight problem. I said I was nearing the end of the final draft but I'm not actually there yet. So I wrote back and said I had a bit more work to do and would get it straight off to her as soon as it's done. She e-mailed back again and said thanks, she's looking forward to it. So now it's full steam till the end. In between clearing up outstanding Guardian pieces today, I spread all the chapters out in hard copy and clipped a page to the front of each. I've been through the synopsis in detail, marking up each chapter with additional bits that aren't there yet. I've been through each and every character and nailed their speech patterns and made a master-page of notes. Now it's through to the end. See you on the other side.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Well done, Amanda - that's great - good luck with it!


Lucy Diamond said...

Wow - that sounds really encouraging. Am crossing everything on your behalf!

Julia Buckley said...

this is good to know - people keep telling me you should never email lit agents. Obviously not true.

Gerard Jones said...

So if my little site's so brilliant, how come you don't got it on your links list? You've got GOB there and not me, gee. G.

Amanda Mann said...

Thank you! Early days, but at least it's put a bomb under me to finish the rewrite.

I think e-mail submissions are still not really that welcome by most agents in the UK. Two out of four haven't replied. But I just reckoned if the title got them in their in box, they'd be intrigued enough to look.

Gerard - my apologies and thank you for your wonderful resource. My energies so far as charted on this blog have been more to do with the writing of the thing rather than the selling, though I've dabbled here and there, and the links reflect this. Now I feel I really have something to market and will be concentrating more of my energies in that direction from now on. Will put you up immediately. Thank you again and many congratulations too on your publication.

Gerard Jones said...

Aw, a woman of your word. Thanks. G.